dimanche 14 novembre 2010

La revanche de Blood 5.3

Writer's note : So, I'm still pissed off about my lack of organization (and writing skill >_<) and I thought : Hey, why not directly write in english, it can't be worst, right ?!
In addition, Google Translator won't say "DARK" when I mean "RUSH" or "GO FOR IT" xp,

Of course, I'm not so good in english, but meh, let's do it !

Previously on La revanche de Blood (Blood's revenge.)
Bacchus was dancing, or torturing Jeanine Akechi at the gym ; stylism's fever made victims, and Circé became a teenager, and chose her lifetime wish ("Become a superstar athlete")
And a new girl was born, Chimeira.

Never too early to work on a lifetimewish.
Unlike her father, Circé actually works on her skill !

Nick Cross is here too.
 He became a young adult a few days ago, and ruined my plans to marry him in >_<
Plus he's dating one of Athena's daughter.

Nemo still paints, as you can see...

Chen honors her promise to take care of little Chimeira.

Ah finally, the telescope is being used :O

Circe takes care of Chimeira too ^^ this pleases me, she's my favorite for heirness.

Nemo : ♥ Come to grandpa, sweetie... O_o Empty crib ???

Chimaira is being introduced to our beloved Rainbow.

Nemo : EWWW gigantic bug !

(ok, write in english was a terrible idea... =__=)
Wu's admiring herself, a few hours after her daughter's birth.
Yeah, your body is just as thin as before ! (- Human - female bodies don't recover so quickly >_<)

Bacchus °°°(A daughter♥, as I wished for 8) )

Bacchus : Yes, a girl ! Not happy ? Well, deal with it !

Chen's schoolmate.
We're back to spouse hunting  =__=

Come on, Chen, don't be shy, talk to him !

Chen : I saw your little sister at school...
Good girl =)

"She SUCKS !"
Oh no, she didn't xO

Nemo °°°(What was I doing again ?... Talking to Chen ?..)
Chen : You know that guy, Cloud Strife ? You look nothing like him :p

Nemo : ?? Is my grandchild on the floor, like.. suddenly ??
Yes, yes she is.
Hard to explain in english but one of her parents took her out to the "city center", left her there to rush to work and then we received the "you need a babysitter".. and after I said yes, she reappeared at home, by magic =__=
Something like that.

Chen °°°( Now to the bathroom è_é)
She's clearly not impressed by her schoolmate.

More explosions to come YAY

Somehow, it reminds Nemo of his marriage ? Honeymoon ?

Lady running away : You crazy old man >_<
Sorry, lady x)

Chen : So... You did a good job with your homework !
Oh, that's sweet =)

Dude : Thank to your desk, pretty face =)
There's still hope, after all =')

*playing for tips*

Circe took a half-time job in the athletic career.

Some more money to achieve Wu's lifetime wish, I hope... =_=


Ok I'm done with writing in english x) *nervous laugh*
I hope it's not too ridiculous ='s *hides in a tiny hole*

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  1. J'espère que je suis pas obligée d'écrire mes commentaires en anglais. J'ai encore plus honte que toi de le faire je crois ! XD
    Bon, en tout cas j'ai tout compris. Y a juste le "by magic", je me demande si ça se dit vraiment. O_o

    Sinon, pour l'histoire, je vois que la chasse au céibataire recommence et elle commence tôt en plus ! XD
    Punaise, qu'est-ce qu'il fait pas faire pour mettre le grappin sur quelqu'un ! u_u

    Au fait, j'ai oublié de l'écrire sous l'autre article mais Circé est devenue très belle, par contre j'aime pas trop la tête de Chen. ^^"

  2. x)nan t inquiètes !!

    =__= je suis sure de rien.. de mon côté c est mon "[stylism's fever] made victims" qui me paraît pas correct.. bah =/ (ça peut pas être pire que la traduction google lool *nerveux*)

    ^^" vi, quand y a des jeunes de leur âge, c est bien de commencer tôt (ah les amitiés d enfance x) )

    vii pareil x) (chen ressemble beaucoup à sa mère en fait ^^")