vendredi 30 octobre 2009

8 in da house 2

So here are the others :

He likes playing guitar everywhere, at anytime xD (the others hates him when he plays in the bedroom while they're sleeping)

Credits to :
  • Aikea Guinea (piercings)
  • Kitty Klan (full body tatoo)
  • A+s=Error (Top)
  • Uirty (cigarette)
"Want to woohoo ^^ ?? - NO >_<" *emergency* xD

*too late ^^"*

* * *

Barbie :
She is flirty, hopeless romantic, she likes to talk with the others.

Credits :

  • Cazy (hair)
  • Delphy (breast sliders)
  • ^^" can't remember where I found the top, sorry but thanx

Clyde :
He's a neurotic genius, and he's handy.
"Got somethin' to fix ?!"

Stylish bath xD (I didn't choose his bath clothes, so I was suprised xD)

Credits :
  • newsea hair (found at SimsCave :p)
  • top ? (I have to search *"*)

the others are less interesting >_<

(EA pre made sim), the young minded one :
She just plays with the dollhouse, and like to fright others (she's insane). She never cook once >_< Mary :
kind of vampire. She's evil but don't interact much with the others. She just paints all the time.
Credits :
  • Aikea Guinea (fangs)
  • peggy (hair)
  • Delphy (CTU, for the dress converted in nightie)

Sheila :
She's athletic, she likes to dance, and she has no sense of humour.

Credits :
  • XSims (hair)

For all sims I currently use :

eyes remplacement by Ronja at Simenapule

skins replacement :
  • 234jiao for girls
  • Peggy for guys
Robokitty default beards

Besides those, I've got tons of CC, so =) Thanx you all, the game wouldn't be the same without your work.

8 in da house 1 (DL sims)

I'm currently playing a sort of "reality show" game, put 8 sims in a house and just watch them.

I wanted to see if they act like they're supposed to, by their own (neat, flirty,..) and if they improve their skills (at least for painting, cook, guitar, logic and athletic).

Well, first of all, my computer hates me for that, it's reaaally slow (so I hate it in return xD)

Second, =) I have two sims I didn't create myself, so, this is a little wink to Loverdag Beth and TummyZa (MTS) your guys are doing fine ^.^ (they're so cute xD love to watch them)

Here they are :

Zeeshan by Loverdag Beth.
I obviously deleted the hair she used, so he has a newsea's instead (found at SimsCave :p) and for the skirt, I needed it for Troy, so ^^" he wears pants.

"YAY" xD

*watching TV with Sheila and Barbie* (Troy and Maguy in the background)

ewww, smells terrible xD

*"See Barbie, I'm a tough guy ^^"* (<3) And this is Raymond, by TummyZa (at MTS), called Marty in my game. Don't know why he has this hair, but it suits him xD

"I am the man hehe"

(Maguy is watching TV so he can't train xD)

*Yeah, I'm waking up, still handsome, don't you think ? ^^"* xD

*bored to death by Sheila* xD

"I'm a pure jewell" xD

O_o" after woohoo with Troy

=) hope you enjoyed to have news from your sims !!

oh a last one :

"where's that terrible smell from ?!" xD love him

jeudi 29 octobre 2009

Hello =)

I'm a Sims 3 addict, and I created this blog so I can thank all the creators of my favorite custom contents =)

^^" english is not my mother tongue (and I don't talk a lot actually xD) so I'm not sure what I'm saying xD

I don't know if I'll put sims stories or pics, or anything ^^"

that's all for the moment.


(on the pic, I think the cup of coffee is from LemonCandy at MTS, and the T shirt is Miss Skitty's)